Refund Policy TCTP course (W.E.F. April 1st 2018)

1.  The refund shall be allowed as an exception and not applied generally. Any refund shall be dealt with case to case basis.Rs. 5000/-+STax (Rupees Five Thousand Only) will be the administration/marketing charges which will be deducted in all refund cases.
2.  The examination fees for exams appeared for will not be refunded.No refund shall be allowed in the following cases If claimed 15 days after the course begins by invoking the reasons related to timings of batch, standards of teaching, standards of lab, distance of travelling, utility of course.
3.  If claimed after continuous absence of a student without any prior intimation for seven days (including seventh day) or more for any reason whatsoever.
4.  Teleman shall also not be responsible for any loss of any classes/lessons due to such absence.
5. If claimed for loss of classes/lessons on account of irregular attendence of the student during the course.
6.  On the grounds of not getting placement after course completion for whatever reasons.
7.  It is hereby stated that all placement activities is purely additional support to the students and not to be linked to course delivery.


Course ModuleDuration hrsFees w/o GST
Mod 1304216
Mod 2608432
Mod 3304216
Mod 4557775
Mod 5456361
Mod 6304216

8. The refund will be processed as follows : Clause no. 1,2,3,4, will be applied. After this the fees of the module attended will be deducted. Even if the student has partially attended a module, the fees of that complete module will be deducted from the fees.

Case 1:
Student has not attended a single lecture. Batch has commenced. (Paid Course Fees – Rs 5000) + S.Tax will be refunded after applying clause 2 to 5

Case 2:
Student has completed mod 1 and mod 2 is partially over. Paid Course Fees – Rs.5000/(Admin Fee) – Rs 4216 (mod 1 fees) – Rs 8432 (mod 2fees) (see table above) ] + GST will be refunded after applying clause 2 to 5

9.  All refund will be disbursed from the respective centers only after fulfilling necessary documentation with approval from H.O.
10.  Students will get refund only by account payee cheque only. No cash refund will be given.

11. No refund in case of short term programs.

12. Refund Policy for courses run by our partners will be as mentioned on their course brochure and as per terms and conditions defined by respective partners. Hence, please refer the same.