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Java Full Stack Developer Certification Training Course

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Course Overview

Through this program, learners who complete it will gain access to guaranteed full-time job offers with hiring partner companies through collaboration with Hirist.com. The course curriculum and subsequent assessment have been designed by industry experts for a set of target audiences. The core purpose of this training is to enable candidates to learn the concepts of Full Stack Java Development and gain the skill set to advance an existing career or kick-start a new endeavour

Key Features

  • 8X higher engagement in live online classes by industry experts
  • Learn 30+ cutting edge tools like SQL, Java, etc.
  • Sandboxed cloud labs for real-time application development
  • Build real-world applications like Amazon, Walmart etc.
  • Start building your product from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training
  • Career mentoring through live sessions with industry experts
  • Land a job within 6 months of graduation
  • Premium Job placements from top Tech and internet companies
  • Industry recognized certification


You should hold a B.Tech, BCA or MCA Degree from an accredited institution with minimum 60% score. You should hold degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related fields that apply. You must be eligible to legally work in India You must have a valid PAN Card and Aadhar Card. You should have valid marks sheet and degree to validate your degree.  In case you are in final year of college, then last semester marks sheet and proof from your college mentioning the month and year of graduation from college is required (60% till 7th Semester). You must be able to pass any background check from your previous employers/institutes. In case you fail to pass the background check associated with the job offer, you will not be eligible for the program fee refund

You have to pass a job guarantee course entrance exam which will be a blend of aptitude, MCQ, and coding—which will test your technical skills. You should have basic knowledge of the below topics to clear this exam: Java Basics Data Structures OOPS Concepts

FSD jobs witness 30% jump in the past year. Full stack developers earn a average salary of INR 9 LPA.

To be eligible for job guarantee, you need to complete your certification and follow all the steps specified in the job guarantee terms and conditions. If you follow all the steps and If you don’t receive an offer letter for a full time opportunity within six months of successfully completing the program, your full program fee excluding tax will be refunded to the same source (original method of payment).

Module-1: Implement OOPS Using JAVA With Data Structures And Beyond

Brush up on your knowledge of software development fundamentals, Agile and Scrum methodologies, Java and data structures, GIT to manage version control systems, and Maven to manage project dependencies.

Module 2: Become A Back-End Expert

Familiarize yourself with the back-end technologies by implementing knowledge of SQL, Java Servlets, and relational database ORM with Hibernate. Learn to connect databases with JDBC and work with RESTful web services.

Module-3: Implement Frameworks The DevOps Way

Master UI skills with advanced HTML and CSS and build 3-tier applications with Spring framework, Angular, JUnit5, SOAP. This phase will enable you to deploy continuous integration and automation using a common DevOps tool: Jenkins.

Module-4: Develop A Web Application Using Frontend Stack

Build real-world websites and applications using the front-end stack technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular. Handle diverse data types and manage your applications efficiently using MongoDB.

Full Stack Java Developer Capstone Project

Full Stack Java Developer Capstone project provides you with hands-on working experience, the objective being to develop the entire application from scratch and deploy it into a pseudo-production environment.


Testing In A DevOps Lifecycle

Begin automation testing and integration with Selenium Webdriver. Create seamless development and product environments using containerization with Docker and manage applications on Amazon S3 servers.

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