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The Potential

The Indian Telecom sector has emerged as one of the greatest economic success stories, registering a consistent overall growth rate of more than 35% over the past decade in terms of subscribers. India is the second largest & fastest growing Telecom market in the world with 939 million subscribers as on August , 2012 (TRAI). The boom in this sector has opened the doors to many opportunities.The surge in this technology segment has led to the influx of Mobile handset manufacturers, Telecom equipment manufacturers, Telecom software developers, Telecom Infrastructure companies , Telecom Service providers and Network Integrators to setup their own facilities to manufacture, install and distribute their products in India . But one of the key elements and the most crucial demands of this Industry remains a steady supply of trained professionals.

The Big Business Opportunity

This dynamic sector employs close to 2.8 million people directly and almost another 7 million people indirectly, making it one of the largest employment generating sectors in the country. As per Telecom Skill Sector Council(TSSC) estimates approximately 35 Lakh certified Telecom professionals are needed by 2022 to fulfil the direct and indirect employment opportunities created by and within this industry. This demand is still largely outdone by the supply due to the lack of established training players, who could provide industry-ready professionals backed by the right knowledge and practices.The window of opportunity provided by a relatively large and young population, a result of the demographic dividend, has opened for India.

This demographic advantage or dividend to be derived from the age structure of the population is traced to the fact that India is (and will remain for some time) one of the youngest countries in the world.

This large young population would require vocational training to create employment and self- employment opportunities for themselves

With Telecom being one of the biggest employment and self-employment opportunity creator in India and abroad, Teleman Franchisees are in the best position to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

Teleman alumni are in the best Telecom companies in India and Teleman courses are well recognized by the Industry.

Why become a Teleman Franchisee?

  • Pioneers in Telecom education with successful alumni and industry recognition
  • A first of its kind training/education concept. so no direct competition.
  • You can expand rapidly and dominate the marketplace, as this is a thriving career line.
  • Extensive training and support to start your business
  • Opportunity to offer NSDC/TSSC certified programs.