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LTE- Advanced Pro (4.5G)

3GPP announced in October that the next evolution of the 3GPP LTE standards will be known as LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G). Let us not be confused Advanced Pro with access points friends.

LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G)  will allow mobile standards users to associate various new features – from the Release’s freeze in March 2016 – with a distinctive marker that evolves the LTE and LTE-Advanced technology series.

The new term is intended to mark the point in time where the LTE platform has been dramatically enhanced to address new markets as well as add functionality to improve efficiency.

LTE-Advanced Pro (4.5G) will further improve network data rate, improve user experience, and expand vertical applications. It will significantly promote the LTE network, and help build better worldwide connections.

The major advances achieved with the completion of Release 13 include: MTC enhancements, public safety features, small cell dual-connectivity and architecture, carrier aggregation enhancements, interworking with Wi-Fi, licensed assisted access (at 5 GHz), indoor positioning, single cell-point to multi-point, and work on latency reduction. Many of these features were started in previous releases but will become mature in Release 13.

The introduction of this new technology confirms the need for LTE enhancements to continue along their distinctive development track, in parallel to the future proposals for the 5G


The above video will give some idea about LTE Advanced Pro (4.5G).

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