Placement FAQs

Does Teleman provide any guarantee of placement/number of interviews ?
Teleman does not provide any guarantee of placement/number of interviews etc.
What is the meaning of placement assistance?
TELEMAN provides placement assistance to all eligible students by arranging campus interviews, providing information on walk-ins, off-campus, job fairs and job openings with our multi-industry clients across India . Teleman will inform all students eligible for placement assistance of  interview opportunities that come up by email.
ho is eligible for Placement Assistance ?
Students who have completed any of Teleman’s job oriented training programs, have paid all fees, have valid Teleman certificate and has passed the placement qualifying test.
Do I have to travel for interviews?
Yes you have to travel for Interviews at your own cost. Most of the companies though prefer to take Telephonic and Skype interviews before calling candidates for final Interview
Can I pick and choose the organisations for interviews?
You can mention in advance and in writing if you have any choices. You will be send for interviews only if and when an organisation meeting your criteria comes for recruitment. Placement assistance is however valid for a maximum of 6 months after completion of course.
Once selected , will I get other opportunities for interview?
Once selected , the placement assistance will lose its validity.
What is the validity of placement assistance?
Placement assistance is valid for a period of 6 months of course completion or on completing of 3 interviews or on getting selected for a job , whichever is earlier.
Are there any other criteria which we will have to fulfil for placement?
All organisations have their own recruitment process and other conditions for recruitment. You will be informed through email of the terms and conditions before going for interview.
Can you list some of the common conditions other than academic qualifications that organisations expect?
The list is as follows

–          For field jobs in telecom you may require a 2 wheeler and Laptop

–          Some organisation take deposit /bond for a specific period

–          Some organisations offer stipend/training for few months before offering confirmed employment.

What is @Home Placement?
@Home Placement is Teleman’s placement portal which will enable companies to recruit trained and experienced telecom professionals across India “Just in Time” .