Teleman Certified Telecom Professional

Course Duration: 264 Hours

Course Design & Delivery
TCTP FACE TO FACE has been designed to deliver 234 hrs of technology training and 30 hrs of placement preparation training to get participants ready for Telecom jobs.

This training is delivered full time 6hrs/ day FOR 2 months by our expert instructors at designated centres.

This is ideally suited for participants who can invest 2 months of time for a comprehensive training program.


  • Job opportunity in Telecom sector
  • Industry recognized certification
  • Learn from the leaders in Telecom training

Course Overview
This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Communication fundamentals, Understanding of transmission technology, Switching technology, Internet, Broadband systems, Wireless technologies and networks. It presents radio access technologies and the most important aspects of understanding wireless networks and their inner workings. A comprehensive overview of data communication, LAN technology, wireless LAN and their network architecture as well as network operations and services are presented. The course discusses the differences between various access technologies and standards, including TDMA, IS-95 based CDMA, GSM architecture, air interface standards, BTS installation procedure and discusses wireless broadband networks with their applications and standards, wireless technology development from 2G to 3G like IMT-2000, WCDMA, EVDO & EVDV and an overview to 4G. The course ends with principles and operation of Metro Ethernet, DLC, MPLS & VPN and LMDS.

Telecom Training Institute

Teleman Training Institute is one of the premier telecom training institutes and the company has prepared hundreds of professionals to work in the telecom sector.  The institute encourages young people to think out of the box and develop ideas that allow them to envisage their future with new vision and thinking. We offer specialized training services to the clients that are willing to think beyond the conventional ideas and have excellent faculty to provide the best to all those people that are keen to develop their careers in the field of telecom and wireless communication. Our courses are specifically designed for engineering graduates in Electronics and Telecom to further their ideas in lieu of the developments that have taken place in the field of technology.

Objectives of the course

Teleman Certified Telecom Professional has a set of definite objectives for the course designed for those that want to stay updated about the upcoming trends in the field of technology. Technology has evolved over the years and we at Teleman have understood the changing trends in the field of communication. We offer high-quality training to the individuals and intend to follow in all the courses that we offer:

  • Our courses are inundated with examples and applicability of technology in the field of communication. We have developed an interactive learning method for the students through which they can communicate with the faculty and develop case studies that they can implement in the telecom sector.
  • We update the course materials and keep and include the new directions and movements in the field of technology that synchronize with telecommunication.
  • At Teleman, our faculties discuss real life cases which is a part of the teaching procedure which helps the students learn more about the ways in which technology has created an impact in wireless telecommunication.
  • We encourage different kinds of group activities such as storytelling and analogies.

Features of the course

Getting started with Teleman is easy due to the effectiveness of the course that arte offered by our institute:

  • Our courses include different concepts that are related to wireless cellular networks.
  • We focus on the fundamental concepts in the field of wireless communication and move on to the more advanced levels.
  • Some of the aspects of our course include setting up the call, maintenance and different release operations.
  • Our students have the opportunity to study the architecture of wireless network and its different tenets which include SMSC, BIR, MSC, BSC, VMS, VLR AND HLR. Students have to find out the courses that suit their requirements before applying for them.
  • Understanding different aspects of call roaming is one of the key aspects of our courses such as mobility, handoffs, security and delivery.
  • Our courses include different coding schemes that are part of the CDMA technology.
  • Exploration and study of different network and access technologies. Our faculty also helps the students envisage the future of 3G and Wireless Broadband such as WiMax and WiFi.
  • Students can delve deep into different concepts which include Bluetooth and Infrared.
  • Some of the courses focus on the installation of BTS and the appropriate ways of maintenance.
  • Our courses allow students to become familiar with technologies such as Ethernet, DLC and VPN.
  • We have helped students understand the definition of power control along with the study of drive test analysis and RF engineering.

Designing the course materials

The advantage of studying in Teleman is that the course material is designed by the experts in the field of telecommunication. There is no better way to have your hands on those courses that are designed by specialists. Not only do the students have the opportunity to study the course materials that are explained in detail but the assistance of the faculty provides an added advantage for them. The experts have put together the courses in a definite order which the students find easy to grasp. In fact, the diversity of the clients to which our courses cater makes the study materials practical and has the ability to motivate the students. Whether the course is simple or complex, the materials not only grab the attention of the students to a great extent.

Our faculty

Fortunately, Teleman has a large base of clients and that includes professionals from Fortune 500 companies, engineers working in the government and private sector. Our faculty includes some of the stalwarts in the field of technology and they deliver the best to the clients when it comes to learning different concepts in wireless network. Our institute has made the best efforts to bring the best for the clients and it is no wonder that we have emerged as one of the major giants in the field of wireless communication network and training.

Overview of the course

TCTP FACE TO FACE is one of the excellent course programs that are suitable for the engineering graduates which include over two hundred hours of training and thirty hours that are separated for the purpose of placement. This course prepares the students for the varied range of jobs that are available in the sector of telecommunication. It can be taken by the graduates in the field of engineering and telecommunications about six hours every day for two months. The course provides an opportunity to the students to learn different concepts of telecommunication from the leaders in this field and also allow them to grab the best jobs. Our certification is widely recognized across the industry which allows the students to enjoy hands on experience with the help of practical training.

Our specialty

Teleman Training Institute keeps the students engaged with different aspects with wireless communication technology and reflects the latest trends. As a telecom training institute which offers the latest technical aspects to the students, we have always believed in preparing leaders that understand the value of practical training today. Besides this, the course have been designed keeping in mind the requirements and preferences of the clients. Our course is special as it prepares the leaders for tomorrow.

Fee Structure

At Teleman, students have to pay lump sum amount at the time of admission and the rest can be paid in monthly installments. Our facility of paying the fees in installments is what has made us stand out in the crowd when the perspective of the clients is taken into consideration. As a matter of fact, our fees are affordable when the challenging aspects and the usefulness of the course are viewed together.

Certification of the institute

Teleman Training Institute offers certificate to the clients after the completion of the course. The certificate that we offer shows that the students have proper understanding of the concepts that have been taught to them by the premier faculty of our training institute. Our objective is to share experience and knowledge with all those professionals that need to delve deep into different aspects of telecommunication. We intend to create a bridge between the course offered and the industry to which it belongs. Some of the most renowned companies across the globe have tried to make the most of the course that we offer to the professionals and are successfully employed in different companies.

Benefits of the course

At Telecom Training Institute, we offer a range of experience through the course which is exclusively designed for the clients. The flexible structure of the course and the valuable materials help in preparing top grade professionals for the clients. In addition to this, our courses bring together some of the best engineering professionals and allow them share their ideas through a similar platform. No matter whether you have graduated recently or rendered your services in the field of telecommunication, we provide the necessary support taking your career to new heights. Take a quick look at the following:

  • Our clients have the facility to make the most from the stalwarts when it comes to the best and our ideas of sharing knowledge are meant for freshers and experienced professionals.
  • The course fees have been distributed in installments after making the initial payment at the time of admission.
  • We offer fun and relaxation through our courses that have redefined wireless communication technology.
  • Our mission is to provide world class training to the engineering graduates. As soon as soon as you have completed the engineering course, you can apply for the telecom courses that we offer to the clients.
  • We have designed comprehensive course programs that are structured into different modules.
  • Our training sessions are as beneficial as the course and we offer the best to the clients. With constant changes that take place in the field of technology, we include them in the course materials that allow the students to get the latest trends in the field of wireless communication technology.
  • The courses that we offer not only help the students to reach the pinnacle but take the stress off with no matter how simple or complex the course content is.
  • We also offer guaranteed placement and training to the clients that look forward to a rewarding career in telecom. After the completion of the course, the students can get the assistance of our placement support program which is equally beneficial.

Teleman Training Institute employs the best faculty and course for students in the telecom sector and is a gateway for the students that look forward to shun their skills in wireless mobile communication.

Who Should Attend?
Specially designed for:

  • Engineering Graduates (Electronics, Telecom)
  • Engineering Diplomas (Electronics, Telecom)
Course Objectives
  • Explore access technologies including CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and AMPS.
  • List the types of communication concepts related to mobile wireless networks.
  • Understand network technologies including GSM, IS-95 and CDMA-2000.
  • Study the wireless network architecture and its components including BTS, BSC, MSC, HLR, VLR, EIR, AUC, SMSC and VMS.
  • Describe coding schemes used in CDMA.
  • Define power control and explore various types of handoffs.
  • Discuss call setup, maintenance and release operations.
  • Understand automatic roaming; call delivery, security, mobility, and handoffs.
  • Study of RF engineering and drive test analysis.
  • BTS Installation and maintenance.
  • Explore the future of 3G and Wireless broadband – WiFi and WiMax,
  • Understanding of Bluetooth and infrared.
  • Understanding of Metro Ethernet, MPLS, VPN, DLC.
  • Operation and Maintenance of SDH
Award: Certificate on completion

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Fee Structure (Inclusive of service tax)
Paid in Lumpsum Rs.39500 At the time of admission
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Admission amount Rs.20750 At the time of admission
1st Installment Rs.20750 Within 30 days of admission
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