Teleman Certified Smart Phone Repair -Level II

Total Duration: 80 hrs

Medium of instruction: English/Hindi

Course Overview

This training program is aimed at training candidates for the job of “Handset Repair – Level II” in the telecom sector and by the end of the course aims to build the following key competencies

1.TEL/N2203 (Perform handset repair- hardware)

2.TEL/N2204 (Perform handset repair- software)

This course encompasses the units TEL/N2203,TEL/N2204  National Occupational standards(NOS) of the Qualification pack for Handset Repair – Level II issued by TSSC(Telecom Sector Skill Council).

Who Should Attend?

10+ 2 or equivalent and above


Basics of electronics and Introduction to mobile phone technology.

Identification of discrete and SMD components, Basics of electronics, understanding soldering techniques, Assembly and Disassembly of handsets, Functions of various repair equipments, Telecom service providers and Vendors, Basic concept of GSM,CDMA technologies, Basic concept of WAP, GPRS, EDGE, 4G.

Mobile phone Hardware.

Soldering jumpers (for bridging broken circuits ),Using SMD rework station, Removing and fixing of semiconductors Removing chips fixed on the circuits, Use of millimetres (analogue & Digital ),Disassembly and Assembly of all latest Phones models of NOKIA,SAMSUNG,BLACKBERRY IPHONE etc.

Fault findings and solutions

Phone models of Nokia, Samsung ,Sony, Blackberry etc .Introduction to mobile phone Chips,Reading Schematics and understanding component layout ,Explanation  of  different parts inside a mobile phone, Hardware configuration of Major phone models

Mobile Phone Software

Classification of types of OS, Concept of OS updating of all Phones, Fault finding via software.

Updating Phones manually etc. 


Handset Repair  Executive in the Handset industry can be employed as Customer Service Representative/Showroom Executive/ Customer Service Executive/Repair Centre Executive

Will be ready to appear for TSSC exam for “Mobile handset repair level II” certification.