Teleman Certified Embedded System Professional

Course Overview
We are living in the embedded world. Our lives become more dependent on ’embedded systems, digital information technology that is embedded in our environment. This includes not only safety-critical applications such as automotive devices and controls, railways, aircraft, aerospace and medical devices, but also communications, ‘mobile worlds’ and ‘e-worlds’, the ‘smart’ home, clothes, factories etc. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Embedded systems engineering and its applications. This course is meant for students who are looking at starting their career in Embedded systems and hence it gives a strong base of embedded c, before going into details of microcontroller architecture, programming and application environment.
Who Should Attend?
Specially designed for:

  • Engineering Graduates (Electronics, Telecom, IT)
  • Engineering Diplomas (Electronics, Telecom, IT)
Course Objectives
  • Understanding C programming
  • Understanding OS, Data structures and Algorithms
  • Understanding Object Oriented Programming
  • Learning communications and network protocols
  • Understanding microcontroller architecture, and development environment
  • Understanding interrupts and timers
  • Programming the LCD, keyboards and seven segment displays
  • Understanding concept of serial communication and pulse width Modulation
  • Understanding concept of Internet of things and embedded system applications
  • Preparing for employment interviews.
Delivery Methods
Instructor Led Classrooms available at select locations
Award: Certificate on completion

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Fee structure
Training Mode Total Fees (INR)
Instructor Led 35000 (with