Course Design & Delivery
TCWMP BELENDED has been designed to combine the benefits of Online training and face to face training to deliver a powerful program. Online training will offer the participant’s flexibility of learning at their leisure and face to face learning will give them the desired live interaction with our expert instructors.
While online recorded sessions will cover all the fundamentals required, face to face sessions will cover advanced topics, labs and 30 hours of placement preparation.
This is ideally suited for participants who cannot free themselves for 2 months of full time training and for participants from other cities who want to get the benefit of Teleman’s training programs

– Job opportunity in Telecom sector
– Industry recognized certification
– Learn from the leaders in Telecom training
– Lower course fees with all benefits of Face to face training.

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Communication fundamentals, Understanding of transmission technology, Switching technology, Internet, Broadband systems, Wireless technologies and networks. It presents radio access technologies and the most important aspects of understanding wireless networks and their inner workings. A comprehensive overview of data communication, LAN technology, wireless LAN and their network architecture as well as network operations and services are presented. The course discusses the differences between various access technologies and standards, including TDMA, IS-95 based CDMA, GSM architecture, air interface standards, BTS installation procedure and discusses wireless broadband networks with their applications and standards, wireless technology development from 2G to 3G like IMT-2000, WCDMA, EVDO & EVDV and an overview to 4G. The course ends with principles and operation of Metro Ethernet, DLC, MPLS & VPN and LMDS.

Who Should Attend

Fresh BE/ (EXTC ) Graduates and Diploma holders. Employees of Telecom industry 

Course Objective
  • Transmission Media, Optical Fiber Communication, Basics of Transmission Systems
  • SDH concepts, Multiplexing, Network Survivability, Synchronization
  • Switching Concepts, Digital Switching and Signaling in Telecom Systems
  • Telephone Traffic Engineering
  • Explore access technologies including CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and WCDMA.
  • Understand mobile communication technologies – GSM, CDMA-2000, UMTS
  • Wireless network components including BTS, BSC, MSC, HLR, VLR, EIR etc.
  • Power control and explore various types of handoffs.
  • Discuss call setup, maintenance and release operations.
  • Understand automatic roaming, call delivery, security and mobility.
  • Study of RF engineering, drive test analysis, etc.
  • Explore the future of 3G, UMTS, WCDMA etc.
Program Highlights

  • Structured online and classroom training
  • Structured lab exercises
  • Faculty support post course
  • Complete course video available for revision before interviews
  • Online assessment
  • Course covers CCNA module
  • Course includes 30 hrs softskill training to improve employability


  • Learn fundamentals @home and get advanced training by experienced trainers
  • Centralised lab exercises
  • Learn at your pace
  • Learn from the pioneers of retail Telecom training in India
  • Benefit from the training and placement of more than 4000 students
  • Become job ready in 60 days

Award: Certificate on completion

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Fee Structure (Inclusive of service tax)
Paid in Lumpsum Rs.27600 At the time of admission
Paid in Installment
Admission amount Rs.9200 At the time of admission
1st Installment Rs.19950 Within 60 days of admission
or before start of Face to face sessions,
whichever is earlier
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