Course Code:  TM11011EL

Average duration:  4 Hours

Delivery:    Virtual class


This course is targeted for anyone with communication background to understand the features and capabilities of UMTS

Course Objective:

This course discusses the broad scope of UMTS, its characteristics, its features and its evolution from the 2G architecture. It also provides the insight to various areas of UMTS such as the access network, core network, services from voice to multimedia and the future of UMTS.

Course Contents:

1. Introduction

  • Capabilities of 1G and 2G systems
  • Limitations of 2G
  • Key 3G characteristics
  • Requirements of 3G

2. Introduction to UMTS

  • UMTS standards development
  • Modes of operation
  • Spectrum allocation

3. Features of UMTS

  • Compatibility with GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • QoS classes

4. UMTS Releases

  • Release Sequence
  • Features in each release

5. UMTS Architecture

  • Core network architecture
  • UTRAN architecture
  • UMTS interfaces

6. UMTS call scenarios

  • Setup of a CS call
  • Setup of a PS call

7. Session Review