IMT-2000 & 3G

Course Code:  TM10911EL

Average duration:  2 Hours

Delivery: Virtual class

Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of GSM and CDMA technology

Course Objectives:

The ITU has been working toward developing an international standard for wireless access called as IMT-2000 to worldwide telecom infrastructure. This module is designed to study and discuss the evolutionary path from 2G to 3G networks, basic 3G characteristics and services possible, explore CDMA2000, UMTS and EDGE/GPRS. Describe the future 3G technologies such as All-IP networks. The module ends with a vision towards migration from 3G to 4G.

Course Outline:

1. 3G Introduction

  • 2G introduction
  • Motivation for 3G networks
  • Short listed 3G technologies

2. 3G Characteristics

  • Network architecture
  • Data rates and mobility
  • Spectral efficiency
  • Packet based networks
  • 3G Phones

3. 3G Services

  • LBS
  • Service Portability
  • WAP architecture


  • Network architecture
  • Radio interface (FDD & TDD)
  • Data rates and mobility
  • CS and PS Call flow

5. 3G Markets and Deployment

  • Spectrum Allocation
  • Inter-working