HSPA Air Interface

Course Code: TM11111EL

Average duration: 4 Hours

Delivery: Virtual class

Course Objective:

This course discusses the broad scope of UMTS and HSPA its characteristics, its features and its evolution. It also provides the insight of HSDPA and HSUPA.


This course is targeted for anyone with communication background to understand the features and capabilities of UMTS

Course Contents:
1. System Scenarios

  • Radio and core network mobility
  • Handovers and SRNS relocation

2. Overview of HSPA

  • HSPA Air interface strategies
  • Impact of HSPA on radio network
  • UE categories

3. Key Concepts of HSPA

  • Adaptive modulation and coding
  • Fast scheduling at the Node B
  • UE measurement and feedback
  • H-ARQ and incremental redundancy

4. HSPA Channels

  • HSDPA UL/DL channel details
  • HSUPA UL/DL channel details

5. HSPA Operations


  • Channel quality indicator
  • HS-SCCH operational details
  • Hard handovers


  • Uplink resource allocation
  • Absolute and relative grants
  • Soft handovers

6. HSPA+

  • Key concepts of HSPA+
  • Downlink data transmission
  • Uplink data transmission
  • MIMO in HSPA+