GSM Technology

Course Code:  TM10211EL Average duration:  4 Hours Delivery:    Virtual class Prerequisite:  No prerequisite.

Course Objectives:
This module explains the history and unique qualities that established GSM global standard for wireless communications. Participants will understand the services commonly deployed in a GSM network. The module ends with an overview of GPRS, EDGE and UMTS network.
Course Outline:
1. Introduction

  • Motivation and Current status
  • Characteristics of a GSM network

2. GSM Network Architecture

  • GSM network components
  • Mobile Station
  • Base Station Subsystem (BTS/BSC)
  • Cell site configuration
  • MSC/VLR, HLR, EIR and AuC

3. Radio Channels in GSM

  • Concept of radio channels
  • Time Slots and Frames
  • Access and Idle mode procedures
  • Traffic channel operations

4. Signaling in GSM

  • GSM SS7 nodes
  • BSSAP and SCCP
  • TCAP & MAP
  • ISUP

5. Mobility and Call Processing

  • Location Update Process
  • Mobile Calls
  • Handover
  • Security in GSM

6. GSM Services

  • Tele-services
  • Bearer Services
  • Supplementary Services
  • SMS
  • Location Services

7. GSM Data networks

  • GSM migration to 3G