Course Code:  TM10411EL

Average duration:  2 Hours

Delivery:    Virtual class

Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of GSM technology.

Course Objectives:
The GPRS and EDGE are deployed as a circuit switched data network to provide a data rate of 144 Kbps and above. To meet the bandwidth demands of the Internet, GPRS and EDGE enhancement in GSM provides an architecture that will allow for higher data rates. This module presents an overview of the GPRS and EDGE network, key features and the achievable data rates.
Course Outline:
1. GPRS and it’s architecture

  • GSM vs. GPRS
  • Packet Data Network
  • Benefits of GPRS and Features of GPRS
  • GPRS Network Elements
  • SGSN and GGSN
  • GPRS registers and GPRS interfaces

2. GPRS Services

  • Bearer services
  • Supplementary Services
  • QoS in GPRS
  • GPRS Terminals
  • GPRS speeds and profiles

3. GPRS Data Call Routing

  • Channels in GPRS
  • Attachment and Detachment
  • Protocol Architecture
  • Inter-working with IP networks

4. EDGE Features

  • Modulation & Coding Schemes
  • Packet handling
  • Impact of EDGE on GPRS
  • EDGE Standards
  • Architecture

5. EDGE Protocols

  • User Plane Protocols, BSSGP
  • Capacity and performance
  • EDGE data applications