CDMA Technology

Course Code:  TM10511EL

Average duration:  4 Hours

Delivery:    Virtual class

Prerequisite: No Prerequisite

Course Objectives:

This module is designed to provide an overview of the wireless network architecture and its key components. This module provides an overview of IS- 95/CDMA2000 1x-based CDMA technology. The fundamentals of CDMA, its key characteristics, comparison with other wireless technologies are explained. This module discusses the overview of call processing also explores various types of handoffs and power control.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction

  • CDMA Concepts
  • Spread Spectrum technology
  • Key characteristics of CDMA

2. CDMA Coding techniques

  • PN Codes
  • Orthogonal Code
  • Walsh code generation
  • Use of codes in CDMA

3. CDMA Channels

  • Physical and logical channels
  • Forward link channels
  • Reverse link channels
  • Control and traffic channels
  • Rate Sets and Multiplexing

4. Call Processing in CDMA

  • Call processing procedure
  • System acquisition
  • Idle mode operations
  • Mobile originated and terminated call

5. Mobility, Handoffs and Power control

  • Registration
  • Idle handoffs
  • Soft and softer handoffs
  • Hard handoffs
  • Need for power control
  • Forward link Power Control
  • Reverse link power control