Call Processing in GSM

Course Code:  TM10311EL

Average duration:  2 Hours

Delivery:    Virtual class

Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of GSM technology.

Course Objectives:

This module provides the foundation of call processing in GSM systems. This module takes an in-depth look at the call flow between different networks such as PLMN to PSTN and PLMN to PLMN. This module also discusses the call flow while in roaming network. The module concludes with a comprehensive journey through a combination voice call and packet data session.

Course Outline:
1. GSM Interfaces

  • Um, Abis
  • E1 (2 MBps), SS7
  • X.25 (LAP-B), IWF and Echo Cancellers

2. Traffic and Control Channels

  • BCCH, FCCH and SCH
  • AGCH, RACH and PCH
  • Channel Combinations
  • Time Slot Allotments

3. Call Processing scenario

  • Authentication and Ciphering
  • Location Update
  • Call Processing Equipments

4. Mobile Originated and Terminated Call

  • Setup phase.
  • Ringing phase.
  • Conversation phase.
  • Release phase

5. Handover Management

  • Internal handover within one cell
  • Internal handover between cells
  • External handover