BTS in Mobile Systems

Course Code:  TM10811EL

Average duration:  6 Hours

Delivery:    Virtual class

Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of GSM technology.

Course Objectives:

This module is designed to provide the basic steps involved to install and maintain BTSs in mobile systems. This module targets the field engineers and installation teams. This module discusses the site preparation, power requirements, structural considerations, cabinet installation, earthing and RF cabling. On completion of this module, the participant can able to understand the various steps involved in installation, commissioning and maintenance of BTSs in mobile systems.

Course Outline:
1. Properties of RF

  • RF Signal Properties
  • RF Behavior, VSWR

2. Antenna Theory

  • Principles and Radiation
  • Polarization and Gain
  • Propagation Pattern
  • Mechanical features

3. Antennas for Mobile Systems

  • Base Station Antennas
  • Antenna combinations
  • Techniques used in GSM
  • Omni and Sectored Base Station
  • Indoor Antennas

4. Antenna Installation Guide

  • Antenna Tilting and Positioning
  • Directional antenna
  • Antenna Spacing
  • Cross Polar Antennas

5. Survey and Site Selection

  • Survey Works
  • Site Selection and Acquisition
  • BTS Towers and Shelters
  • Aviation Lamp and Fire Alarms
  • Civil and Electrical Works

6. BTS Installation Activities

  • Antenna Installation
  • MW Antenna Installation
  • Rack Installation
  • Electrification in Shelters
  • Testing Equipments

7. Installation and Configuration

  • General Precautions
  • Tools for installing BTS
  • Site requirements
  • Cabinet Installation and Mounting

8. Cable connections

  • RF connections
  • Configuration for sector
  • Connecting fiber optic cables
  • Connecting power and earth cabling