Basics on Wireless Mobile Technologies and Networks

Course Code:  TM10111EL

Average duration:  4 Hours

Delivery:    Virtual class

Prerequisite:  No prerequisite

Course Objectives:

This modules discusses history of mobile communications, 2G and 3G mobile systems, FDMA, TDMA and CDMA, types of mobile radio systems, analogue and digital cellular mobile systems etc. This module also discusses an overview on Global System for Mobile Communications, TDMA IS-136, CDMA IS-95, and Cellular Evolution from 2G and Mobile Satellite Systems. At the end discusses on Relative Market Size and Status of Mobile Systems in India and World.

Course Outline:

1. Radio Basics

  • Radio terminology and Spectrum
  • Radio signal propagation
  • Cell Site, Frequency reuse

2. Wireless Network Operations

  • Call Setup
  • Registration/Location Update
  • Roaming, Security and Privacy
  • Handoffs/Handovers

3. Wireless Network Architecture

  • BSC, BTS
  • MSC, Data Registers
  • OMC and NMC
  • Signaling

4. Network Standards

  • Air Interface standard
  • GSM
  • IS-95 based CDMA
  • Network Architectures

5. Wireless Services

  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • MMS
  • WAP, WIN and CAMEL
  • Location Services

6. Wireless Evolution

  • Motivation for 3G
  • 2G to 3G Evolution
  • 3G Network overview