Courses for Employed

Teleman’s team of trainers – in consultation with industry experts – design dynamic corporate solutions that upgrade human resource and professional skills. Corporate Solutions are divided into two units:

Corporate Training
The Corporate Training module is developed specifically for businesses that seek to upgrade customers’ or employees skill sets. Flexibility is the key when it comes to meeting organizational needs. Hence we customize the delivery to meet specific corporate and target audience needs. Product specific information is also integrated into our training programs to deliver exceptional training solutions.

Participants receive illustrated course materials, considered to be best in class. Course materials include presentation slides and comprehensive text explaining the key points of the subject.

Course delivery methods
1) Instructor Led Classrooms available at select locations ( Min batch size 20)
2) Instructor Led Virtual classrooms ( Min batch size 10)
3) Instructor Led @Home Learning available all over the world ( Min Batch size 10)

Course Ratings

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